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square Continuous Gas Carburising Furnace
square Hydraulic Tilting Furnace
square Rotary Furnace
square Tower Furnace
square Melting Cum Holding Furnace
square Direct Baleout Type Furnace
square Central Melting Furnace
square Direct Baleout With Online Degassing
square Direct Baleout Type Melting Cum     Holding Furnace
square Electrical Crucible Furnace
square With Helical Coils Furnace
square Top Heated Holding Furnace
    Electrically Heated

square Top Heated Holding Furnace Gas Fired
square Crucible Type Melting Furnace
square Reverbratory Furnace For Scrap Melting
square Scrap Charging Machines

square Accessories

Furn-Teck Engineers is widely recognized as the leader in India for the designing and manufacturing of all Non Ferrous Melting Furnaces as well as heat treatment furnaces and combustion related equipments. Over the years the company has built an excellent reputation for quality and innovative product design, combined with reliable after sales and engineering support.

Today, FURN-TECK prides itself in providing combustion solutions to most of the areas of industry including most of the leading Die casting industries and Heat treatment plants throughout India.

FURN-TECK’S non ferrous melting and heat treatment furnaces / ovens satisfies even the most demanding customers regarding performance, quality and economy. The ability to meet the customer’s specific requirement has made FURN-TECK a leading Manufacturer, Supplier of high capacity non ferrous melting furnaces and heat treatment furnaces with new technologies.

It requires a great deal of design innovation in order to be able to offer safe production solutions that achieves the practical requirements of industry. Its products are designed for cost effectiveness, safe operation, economical and environment friendly production with long service life & less maintenance.

For past more than 10 years we have successfully manufactured and supplied the equipments like,

• Tower furnaces for continuous Aluminum melting.
• Non ferrous metal Melting furnaces batch melting
• Scrap melting furnaces / metal recycling furnaces with alloying chambers.
• Heat treatment furnaces.
• Furnaces to suit special applications as per customer's demand material handling systems.
• Pollution control equipments
We are Manufacturers and our setup is situated at Talawade, Pune, ( Maharashtra, India )
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