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Reverbratory Furnace

Reverbratory Furnace

These furnaces are suitable for HPDC / GDC shops where frequent change of alloys can not be avoided. Being Batch type furnaces and higher energy losses through flue gases, these furnaces are recommended only if continuous production is not possible or several alloys to be melted.
General performance specs
Fuel Consumption : @90 ltr/ton at 720deg
Metal loss : <4% to <5%
Capacity : 100kg batch to 4 Ton batch
Metal Tapping : Hydraulic Tilting / Stationary / Electromech
Fuel : LDO/FO/HSD/LPG/Propane
Reverbratory Furnace
Batch type melting
Metal insert casting melting
Standby furnaces
Aluminium Smelters
Diecasting Foundries
Extrusion Foundries
Secondary Aluminium Foundries
Distinct benefits of FURNTECK’s SKLENNER / Reverbratory furnaces
1.Melting and Holding is done in single chamber.
2.No blind corners in refractory which allows easy and thorough cleaning of furnace.
3.Metal tapping is possible through PLUG SYSTEM / HYDRAULIC TILTING.
4.Furnace can be optionally equipped with AIR RECUPERATOR
Our reverberatory melting and holding furnaces are typically tilting furnaces, with several fuel options. The furnace is designed keeping in mind the easy operation / maintenance and oxide cleaning. Stationary furnace option can also be offered on request.

The furnace is a robust fabricated steel shell, engineered for reverberatory heating of a molten metal charge. Our furnaces have a wide main door to facilitate both scrap loading and furnace cleaning. They are solidly built, particularly around the door surrounds to minimise warpage and loss of door sealing. Tilting of the furnace is actuated via hydraulic cylinders with the pivot axis close to the pour point. The furnace is capable of tilting to allow the removal of all complete metal to facilitate alloy changes.

The refractory lining is with state of the art non wetting refractories below the metal level backed up by high quality insulating refractories for optimal wear characteristics and lower heat losses.
We are Manufacturers and our setup is situated at Talawade, Pune, ( Maharashtra, India )
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