Kettle Type Ladles

Kettle Type Meatal Transfer Ladles, Foundry Accessories Manfacturer

Kettle Type Meatal Transfer Ladles

FURNTECK is leading manfacturer of Kettle Type Meatal Transfer Ladles, Kettle Type Ladles


  1. Superior quality insulation used for minimum heat loss during molten metal transfer
  2. Durable gear box for prolonged served life
  3. Ladles to suit forklift can be made
  4. High quality non wetting refractory for easy cleaning of molten Aluminium
  5. High quality SUPER - INSULATION for minimum HEAT LOSSES
  6. EASY to clean
  7. FORKLIFT compatible options
  8. COMPLETE SAFE handling
  9. Insulated covers for Minimum Heat loss
  10. Dispatched in COMPLETELY RELINED AND DRIED condition.

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